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GBS strives to create strong ties with not only the company but also the community with which it does business with, as well as other local companies in the industry. This gives us the opportunity to create vast resources for site acquisition and development services in the markets we serve, both with in-house staff and through strategic alliances.
Site Search and Acquisition
GBS has experienced site acquisition and site development teams who can work with land owners and zoning authorities to acquire a site in the shortest possible time and complete the leasing and zoning requirements for site construction. Throughout the site acquisition phase and the rollout phase, we facilitate everything and provide a clear mobile operator advantage.

We offer a full range of services:
  • Site identification
  • Production of technical site reports
  • Technical site surveys
  • Structural suitability evaluation
  • Lease agreements and audits
  • Lease negotiation and feasibility analysis
  • Negotiations with local authorities and municipals for building permits.
  • Environmental/Geo technical survey
Equipment Installation
GBS has highly skilled telecommunications installer’s with superior implementation skills for a range of network elements. As authorized equipment installers for the world's leading suppliers, GBS’s teams of highly qualified technicians undergo intensive, ongoing training in all aspects of their work. The result is an unprecedented level of the quality, expertise and professionalism at every stage of a project.

Installation services we provide include:
  • BTS/ BSC, Backhaul equipment installation
  • Distributed (indoor) and Tower/ Rooftop (outdoor) antenna installation
  • Grounding and power line infrastructure installation
  • Network equipment (routers, modems, multiplexers etc) installation
  • Transmission line (waveguide, coax & fiber) installation
  • E911 installation
Equipment Integration
Our configuration and integration service refers to multi-vendor equipment to meet the specific customer requirements. Our integration service guarantees compatibility of all component parts in a completed assembly to eliminate field installation problems and equipment delivery. Specifications are provided for each piece of equipment to facilitate quick trouble-free field installation.

Configuration and integration services:
  • Single source supplier for all equipment and integration
  • Eliminates delays that can result from multiple sourcing
  • Integration and equipment cost savings
  • Racks/cabinets are fully assembled, wired, tested and ready to field install
  • Factory integration offers guaranteed quality, compatibility and consistency
  • Racks/cabinets are configured to exact customer specifications
  • Minimum field installation required
  • On-time delivery
  • Fact finding and accelerate project completion
Site Construction
We handle any scale of construction, from small offices to large skyscrapers. Our solutions are remarkably flexible to meet the demands of any customer, including the ability to economically support multiple wireless operators in a single venue.

Some of the venues we can support are:
  • Airports and Transportation
  • Entertainment (Casinos and Theaters)
  • Convention Centers
  • Education (Universities and Colleges)
  • Sports Arenas and Stadiums
  • Federal, State, and Local Governments
  • Hospitals and Doctors’ Offices
  • Retail and Shopping Malls
  • Small Business
  • Manufacturing and Warehouses
  • Residential Buildings
  • Office Buildings
Equipment Commissioning
Our qualified professionals run the system through rigorous testing to ensure that the network commissioning meets or exceeds client expectations. GBS offers a wide array of commissioning services that include:
  • Initial and post completion acceptance testing
  • Commissioning of DAS and Base Transceiver systems
  • Commissioning of microwave hops
  • Level conformance of receive and power signals
  • BERT, fade margin and transmission line sweep testing
  • RF compliance testing
  • Throughput and threshold verifications
  • Field testing and complete system testing
A seamlessly integrated wireless solution is more than just the hardware. It’s about understanding the requirements of the site, the end users and having the specific expertise to support you each step of the way. A site that is installed and transmitting is not a site that’s working. We have the expertise, experience and proper resources for the final turn up and optimization of the network. We guarantee through our expert data collection and post processing capabilities, GBS can provide a true optimized network.

GBS specializes in wireless network assurance and testing. We provide experienced and well qualified professionals to all types of wireless operators, carriers and infrastructure providers. Our focus is on the testing and optimization of wireless networks in an attempt to assure our clients’ capital is not wasted and their customers' faith never fails.

We can tailor a custom solution for very unique problems. We are capable of handling every type and size of project requiring drive testing, surveying and network performance engineering.