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Distributed Antenna Systems
DAS-In Building wireless coverage has become a true necessity for today’s demanding wireless consumer. Wireless users want to use their mobile device where they live, work and play. Some consumers have even replaced their land-line phones with a wireless device. It is impossible for wireless service providers to offer coverage within certain building structures because wireless signals are obstructed by building materials such as concrete and steel, causing the need for consumers to run to the nearest window to make a call or walk outside to find reception.
GBS can change all that. As a provider of true turn-key wireless solutions, GBS will survey, design, install and maintain a DAS to meet the needs of today’s demanding wireless customers.

Site Survey and Design
Although many companies treat this as two different modules of a DAS rollout, at GBS we believe they go hand in hand. Our design engineer is on site with the project manager and survey engineers from the initial site survey until the final turn up to ensure all input data is properly captured.This includes site walkthrough to CW testing to achieve real world results.

DAS site survey and design services include:
  • Building accessibility, obstructions and composition analysis
  • Signal strength, noise figure, propagation and path loss analysis
  • RF compliance and interference analysis
  • Design indoor network coverage plan using iBwave design
  • Identify dead zones and lower coverage areas
  • Evaluate cost and infrastructure requirements considering customers future needs
  • Determine possible antenna, power and other infrastructure locations
  • Design for coax, waveguide and fiber line pathways
  • iBwave as built, design and expected performance documentation
Installation and Clean Up
We understand that accurately determining the required products and materials for the specific site along with providing knowledgeable, experienced project managers are vital to a cost-effective and timely installation. We also know that factory-trained and certified technicians commissioning the wireless system is the only way to ensure a problem-free, timely startup. We believe that these are vital elements for a total, seamless wireless solution. Our installers maintain professional attire and assure minimal disruption to your day to day operations. We leave the site as we found it, clean with no debris and no evidence that we were ever there.

Below are the services we provide during the installation phase of DAS network:
  • Project management service
  • Infrastructure delivery from staging area to sites
  • Configure and system test before installation
  • Power and data (coax, waveguide, fiber etc.) cable installation
  • Antenna and head-end equipment installation
  • Equipment and power line installation
  • Safety and regulatory compliance
  • Complete closeout packages with pictures, design and performance documents
  • Proper disposal of waste and clean-up service
Optimization and Verification
At GBS we believe that a network is only as good as its tune up, not solely its hardware. Every DAS project receives a complete walk test, from baseline testing all the way to post launch verification.

Throughout this process, a highly trained and experienced RF engineer and DAS design team will go through every loop to ensure our clients are getting the maximum coverage and capacity as well as efficient use of the hardware resources.

Some of the DAS Optimization services we offer are:
  • Network KPI and performance analysis
  • DAS network optimization service
  • System testing, verification and certification
  • Post optimization analysis, recommendations and audit services