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Initial Site Surveys and Final Site Audits
We perform detailed technical site surveys and audits for site inventory, circuit configurations, quality compliance and safety issues. We ensure that the quality is sufficient for all future operations that cover from site assessment to site installation.

Below is a list of microwave survey and audit services we provide:
  • RF-equipment and site inventory surveys
  • Foundation, structure and quality surveys
  • Tower climbing and roof-top surveys
  • Antenna specifications (long-lat, orientation, height) conformance service
  • Health and safety audits
  • Damage assessments
  • RF compliance, interference and evaluation services
  • Power and wiring requirements, access points, floor plan generation service
  • Engineering documentation service and in-depth site audits
  • Comprehensive site closeout packages
Installation and Commissioning
GBS hires highly experienced and vendor certified people to perform a variety of site installations including antenna/waveguide systems, BTS/BSC systems, RF backhaul radios, power bays, digital equipment and cabling systems.

Installation and commissioning services we offer:
  • BTS, BSC and backhaul radios
  • Cabinets/racks and all indoor and outdoor microwave communication equipment
  • Digital and network elements (DSX panels, multiplexers, routers etc.)
  • Cabling for all data lines(DS-1, DS-3, SFP and energized Ethernet etc.) and install connectors
  • Power bays, battery banks and rectifiers
  • Microwave antennas (mounts, tiebacks, bridges and shields)
  • Waveguide and coax lines with supports
  • Tower and roof-top transmission line grounding
  • Power and ground cabling and labeling
Testing and Troubleshooting
We provide testing services for power measurement, path loss and RF related path issues as well as troubleshooting services through Bit Error Rate, fade margin and waveguide/coax sweep tests.

Testing and troubleshooting services we offer:
  • Analyze antennas and obstructions for coverage
  • Correct path loss due to missing antenna alignment
  • External interference analysis and resolution
  • Evaluating fading effects
  • Bit error rate (BER) & RFC-2544 testing
  • Waveguide/coax transmission line sweeps
  • BTS power measurements and adjustments
  • Microwave link analysis and troubleshooting
  • Test BTS, microwave and other network elements for faults and calibration errors
  • Analyze and resolve RF losses at filters and connectors
  • Measure RF exposure limits to confirm compliance with FCC