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RF Optimization
The optimization of a live or prelaunch network is critical to maintain and improve the quality of service perceived by the end user. The optimization process is cyclical and involves several activities including but not limited to pre-launch tuning, single site tuning analysis, GNG cluster analysis and reporting, KPI network monitoring and post launch tuning analysis.
Network KPI Improvement
Cellular networks that are managed by operators usually establish key performance indicators that should be maintained above or below a specific target value. Green Berry Solutions can help your company to achieve and exceed the proposed KPI targets for the indicators to be set as a goal in the service.
End User Improvement
The network quality perceived by the user, and especially the voice quality, can be measured both statistically and through drive tests, by identifying areas of low quality with high potential for improvement. GBS Wireless always has been on the edge of providing solutions that will improve the quality perceived by the user. Additionally, by applying these solutions, our teams have obtained considerable improvements in call quality and have also provided significant savings to the network operator.
Daily KPI Monitoring
The GBS team of professionals has extensive experience in maintaining high levels of efficiency in KPI monitoring for the client network, from one sector to the entire system. Through constant network monitoring, it is possible to identify the most affected parameters and propose solutions that lead to an improvement in the quality of the affected area.
Model Tuning
The adjustment of the propagation models for a wide variety of prediction tools is vital for the proper growth of the network and constant optimization of its elements. It is important to adjust the parameters of the different models according to the propagation characteristics of each environment. The GBS Wireless team can help clients adjust to a number of models suitable for its operations, achieving more exact locations for their sites, thus making the optimization of the network a very efficient process.
3G/4G Wireless Data Optimization
With the increasing number of data services, networks must incorporate mechanisms and procedures for monitoring its performance and adjust the quality of the data network according to the video call services, data transfer, streaming, etc. Parameter optimization brings a direct improvement in the user perception in connection establishment, retainability and the throughput rates that can be achieved.
Logical & Design Parameters Tuning
The service for adjusting several set of parameters, both from the voice and data networks, is required to optimize certain network functionalities. In this service, GBS teams can deliver recommendations based on the parameters used for designing and putting into service new elements in the network, correcting inadequate assignments according to the environment and the radio network architecture and incorporating, parameters that may not have been included. Among all the parameters and possible changes, it is necessary to identify which parameter has to be adjusted. This is where the experience of GBS Wireless represents the greatest advantage.
CS & PS Feature Tuning and Implementation
The service for adjusting CS and PS features for the voice and data networks respectively is commonly requested by clients in order to optimize certain functionalities that can bring an improvement in terms of quality to the network. GBS will support the client in implementing and testing a new feature or algorithm in the network, evaluating the best set of parameters for the implementation and adjusting so that the best recommendations,