DAS-In Building wireless coverage has become a true necessity for today’s demanding wireless consumer. Wireless users want to use their mobile device where they live, work and play. Some consumers have even replaced their land-line phones with a wireless device. It is impossible for wireless service providers to offer coverage within certain building structures because wireless signals are obstructed by building materials such as concrete and steel, causing the need for consumers to run to the nearest window to make a call or walk outside to find reception. GBS can change all that. As a provider of true turn-key wireless solutions, GBS will survey, design, install and maintain a DAS to meet the needs of today’s demanding wireless customers.

Why GBS for DAS Services?

  1. Site Survey & Design:
    • Full Analysis (obstructions, propagation, RF compliance and interference, etc.)
    • CW Testing
    • iBwave network design
    • Evaluate cost and infrastructure requirements considering customers future needs
    • iBwave as built, design and expected performance documentation
  2. Installation & Optimization
  3. Design and build to provide optimum signal strength
  4. Support for active and passive systems depending on the complexity and size of the venue