GBS Global

After successful growth and expert execution of many projects in the US, GBS has expanded internationally! We currently have regional offices in India and the Middle East and have begun operations in India. Top clients and projects include:


    GBS India has successfully executed end-to-end GPON Fiber to the Home (FTTH) projects with many top customers in the market. These services include:

  • Network Design:

    • High-level desktop design, planning optimal fiber routes and performing radio frequency modeling for networks with wireless components
    • Evaluate actual field conditions and logistics of deploying the design; collect and verify data on utility poles, conduits, buildings, and existing infrastructure
    • Perform pole loading analyses, create construction drawings, finalize the detailed network design, and provide a complete bill of material with cost estimates
  • Real Estate:

    • Secure all necessary agreements and entitlements
    • Negotiate utility pole attachment agreements with pole owners
    • Secure necessary easements or leases for private property pole placement or building entrances
    • Obtain licenses for bridge and railroad crossings, and negotiate right-of-way use and franchise agreements with local jurisdictions
    • Secure necessary DOT and local land use permits as required
    • Partner with several local and national firms if regulatory and environmental due diligence is required
  • Make Ready:

    • Dedicated team for pole licensing and make-ready management
    • Joint ride-outs with the utility field engineers to plan the make-ready process
    • Negotiate with the utilities and avoid expensive and unnecessary moves and pole replacements
  • Implementation:

    • General contractor and construction management services
    • Validate test results, designs and implement acceptance procedures
    • Performs network commissioning, testing, inspection and optimization to ensure network reliability
  • Commercialization:

    • Partner with public entities to operate, maintain, and commercialize their dark fiber networks
    • Allows public entities to focus on their core operational mission while generating additional revenue by leasing excess capacity to private customers
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Our top Customers include: